Our approach

We want to have – and must have – a sustainable business model that takes people and the environment into account in every aspect of our operations, and in the services and solutions we provide for our partners and suppliers, too. A sustainable business model is a prerequisite of being a relevant supplier for our customers and an equally relevant employer for our workforce.

We help companies, institutions, and authorities become more sustainable by protecting our customers’ business-critical systems and reducing our customers’ environmental impact. We work, by means of sustainable customer offerings and corporate social responsibility throughout the value chain, to identify opportunities, minimise risks, and create value for and confidence on the part of our customers and employees. We also place great emphasis on sustainability issues internally. Our business ethics bar is set high, we take responsibility for our own environmental impact, and we have a strong and inclusive corporate culture.  


Management systems and certifications

Our quality management system, and our work in accordance with ISO and other certifications, are an important part of our work, not only with quality, the environment, and sustainability, but with information security and processes, too. Our management system describes the way Iver works with these processes and is also certified in accordance with the ISO 9001, 14001, 20000, and 27001 standards. This demonstrates, both to our customers and to ourselves, that our processes and methodologies align with international standards and that our goals are taking us in the right direction as part of our continuous improvement work.  

Employees and inclusion

One of our focus areas within the sustainability framework is about employees and inclusion. We aim to be considered one of the best workplaces in the industry by everyone – regardless of gender, background or identity.


How we work with the UN’s global goals

In 2015, the countries of the world adopted the UN’s “Agenda 2030”, which comprises 17 overall global goals that the world wants to achieve by 2030. If these global goals are to be achieved, all operators at all levels of society must work with the goals in the areas where they can make the biggest difference. Iver has identified five goals where we can exert an influence in working towards sustainable development.  

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Sustainability Report

At Iver, we take pride in the progress we've made in our sustainability work. Read more about our development within the area via the downloadable pdf file below.