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Complete lifecycle management for your computers and mobile units – everything from logistics and asset management to reuse or sustainable recycling. The service ensures better control, and a simpler, more efficient and more secure working day for you and all your users.

The offering gives you a complete workplace with computers and mobile units installed and ready to go, and the option of customising your support and the administration of your applications, updates, and policies. The solution manages the entire lifecycle – from supply and day-to-day use, to reuse or sustainable recycling. A fixed monthly cost per user and unit means that you also have total control over your costs.  

The service comprises several components and can be adapted in line with your specific requirements and conditions in every respect, whether that’s financing or the underlying management technology.

Main benefits

  • Flexible and scalable

    A solution customised totally in line with your organisation’s requirements. Simple to scale up or down.

  • Overview and control

    A solution that gives you full control over computers, mobile units, licences, applications, updates, policies, and costs.

  • Cutting edge technology

    We work exclusively with market-leading solutions and services, enabling you to focus on what you do best.

  • Sustainability and the environment

    We take responsibility for the entire lifecycle – from delivery to reuse or sustainable recycling.

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