Cloud transformation

Create the right conditions in the cloud

The definition of the cloud has gradually changed over the past decade: initially it comprised infrastructure and applications, whereas today, it includes technical cloud-native platforms, with dynamic scaling, flexibility, and automation.

Correctly implemented, cloud-native infrastructure can realise endless potential, but the transformation journey is a complex one. The transition to the cloud demands new skills, changes in methodology, and comprehensive integration of applications between different cloud platforms. Our consultants are experts in this transition process and have the skills needed to support you throughout your cloud transformation journey, whatever your starting point and technical preferences. We can help you with everything from advice on cloud architecture and design to transforming your applications, implementing agile methodologies, and DevOps.

Expertise and services

  • Advice on cloud architecture and design

    Our experienced specialists can help you choose the solutions and architecture that will ensure you get the maximum operational benefit.

  • Establishing a cloud infrastructure

    We can help you with implementation, development, and optimisation of new cloud-native infrastructure, including IaC and container platforms, to ensure optimum security, scalability, and performance.

  • CI/CD services

    We can guide you through setting up CI/CD, help you choose the right methodologies, platforms, and tools – and assist you with the integration with your infrastructure in the form of self service and commissioning. The tools we use include GitLab, Sonatype, JFrog, etc.

  • Private, Hybrid and Public cloud

    We can help your organisation choose the cloud, or the combination of cloud platforms, best suited to your applications and operations.

Main benefits

  • Infrastructure on demand

    Self service for application developers.

  • Increased flexibility

    Faster, more secure, and more flexible application provision.

  • Increased control

    Increased traceability and control means increased security and ensures your organisation is permanently “audit ready”.

  • Better user experience

    Improved scalability and flexibility for varying loads.

  • Greater accessibility

    A self-healing and automated infrastructure mean greater accessibility.

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