Our sustainability framework

Our sustainability framework helps us develop and clarify our sustainability work. The framework has four areas and, within each of these areas, we have a clearly stated ambition that shows the way ahead for our sustainability work.


The basis of our sustainability work is “responsibility and transparency”. For us, this means being a decent employer and choosing partners who share our values. We take responsibility for our impact on the economy, environment, and people.

If responsibility and transparency are the basis for our work, then “security and integrity”, “employees and inclusiveness”, and “sustainable services” are our focus areas. We have set the bar for our ambition very high in these three areas and are keen to both drive change and actively create commercial benefits. 

We shall be leaders in “security and integrity” in order to prevent, identify, and eliminate threats in connection with information security. This is how we protect our customers’ information assets. We have the courage to address the hard questions in connection with increased digitisation on the part of both our customers and society in general.  

We work, within the area of “employees and inclusion” to create a strong and inclusive corporate culture with a good working climate, a real sense of community, and top-class skill and career development.

Our aim, within the “sustainable services” area, is for our services to provide quantifiable environmental benefits for our customers and to help progress them towards their own sustainability goals. Our services help reduce our customers’ environmental impact by ensuring a high level of energy efficiency and using 100% renewable energy.

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