Compliant cloud

If you are running a business or operating in a sector with special security and data storage requirements, our cloud service with built-in regulatory compliance is designed for you. The service is provided via our certified secure data centres in Sweden, Norway, and Europe.  

There are times when just any old cloud is just not good enough. Particularly not for organisations operating in Sweden and Europe. European and international data protection legislation is mutually contradictory, and there is considerable uncertainty regarding how data may be processed.

We offer a cloud service with built-in regulatory compliance. This robust and flexible solution is based on open-source code, packed with all the innovativeness and automation that you would expect, and when coupled with the tools that are freely available, offers you endless opportunities to build, scale up, and maintain your IT infrastructure. And at the same time, you can be confident that your data is being protected, processed, and stored in accordance with the legislative requirements and regulations that apply both to your operations and within the EU. 

A cloud solution for operations with very stringent IT infrastructure and information security requirements. And for everyone else who believes safe is better than sorry.

Main benefits

  • Compliance by design

    Your data is protected, managed and stored in accordance with the legislative requirements and regulations that apply to your operations.

  • Flexible and scalable

    A solution customised to meet your operations’ requirements. Simple to scale up or down.

  • A platform for your innovation

    A powerful platform for AI, automation, computational clusters, and BI solutions.

  • A proactive partner

    Our client-focused teams and experienced experts ensure at all times that you have the best solution for your operations, today and tomorrow.

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