Sustainability Iver Cloud

Iver works continuously to develop, modernise and streamline the delivery of services to our customers. Over the past four years, we have closed 15 of our data centres, a significant reduction from the previous 30 data centres. This reduction allows us to focus our service development on fewer platforms while offering them to a larger share of our customers.

We have recently developed a new, modern platform to operate our customers' environments. This environment is designed to enable a new level of security and automation in our delivery. With more layers of security and extensive process automation, we expect significant improvements in efficiency and reliability.

Our new platform is based on modern and efficient hosts located in data centres operated by reputable suppliers in Sweden. These data centres maintain high environmental standards and are 100% powered by renewable energy to minimise CO2 emissions and environmental impact.  By optimising water use, power use and cooling, and by implementing floor frame sealing to ensure optimal airflow, these data centres provide a sustainable solution for our service delivery.

We are also running a programme to move our services to the Iver Cloud since summer 2023. Through this initiative, we will be able to accelerate the decommissioning of up to five of our current data centres in favour of the more modern data centres by the second quarter of 2025.  This will reduce our climate impact through reduced CO2 emissions as part of our emissions reduction strategy.  By consolidating our infrastructure to these modern data centres, we also open up the possibility to offer services with improved security, automation and availability. This is in line with our overall sustainability strategy, taking into account Iver's total business, which also integrates our social and economic responsibilities.