Strategy and business agility

Many businesses nowadays are feeling the need to change their IT provision model, and to adopt agile principles that improve their ability to provide digital solutions cross-functionally – across their operations’ different divisions and IT landscapes.  

Common IT provision culture-related challenges for cloud services include:

  • Slowness or lack of opportunities to create and test digital service prototypes
  • The organisation is too silo- and control-based to enable the promotion of continuous improvement and commercial innovation
  • Time-to-market is too long
  • Development-, testing-, and innovation costs are too high

Getting to grips with these problems requires a transformation that entails both new ways of structuring the organisation and new methodologies, work processes and procedures.

Our experts work closely with management and employees alike to guide you along this transformation journey and to steer you, step by step, through the process of building an IT organisation that supports your business goals. We work with your team to create a strategy and help you build a new, agile, digital provision culture for cloud services.

Expertise and services

  • Digital transformation strategy

    We can help you define your strategy and create the scope for agile processes in your operations to ensure efficient transformations. Our frameworks, insights, and experience-based advice enables us to establish the right culture, structure, environment, and abilities to enable your organisation to achieve its full potential.

  • Enterprise Business Agility

    We use Enterprise Business Agility to enable your organisation to handle rapid changes. We work together to establish new management and organisational models that enhance both innovation and the organisation’s ability to resolve complex issues in relation to sustainability and digital transformation.

  • Enterprise Architecture

    We help you establish a link between business strategies and IT development initiatives by identifying and designing strategic expertise with the help of Capability Based Planning. The aim here is to ensure that your architecture is addressed not on a fragmented basis, but with an understanding of the bigger picture.

  • Cloud Community of Excellence (CCoE)

    We help your team build a new, flexible digital provision culture for cloud services based on DevOps’ five principles and the Microsoft Cloud Center of Excellence organisation model.

Main benefits

  • Securing knowledge transfer

    We work hand in hand with your team to ensure knowledge transfer and that the cultural transformation is a permanent one.

  • Greater provisioning speed

    Higher provisioning speeds (TTM) for digital cloud service provision to your operations.

  • Higher quality

    Ensuring quality in both service production and cloud provision.

  • Greater flexibility

    A cloud platform that can be scaled, changed, and developed apace with both operational and societal development.

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