Secure workplace

More and more people are choosing to work remotely, which makes new demands on IT security. Our Secure Workplace offering provides you with complete protection so that your users can work equally securely, whether remotely or in the office.

Our Secure Workplace services provide multilevel, proactive protection that stops malware before it ever reaches the user’s computer.

Viruses and malware are the most common threats to our information assets. Our solution is based on machine learning and a system that conducts real time searches for abnormal patterns in the files and programs running on all of your computers. When a suspicious pattern is detected, the file is immediately blocked.  

We also offer solutions that provide protection against phishing and email-based malware, for example, along with real time analysis of Internet traffic in all units.

All of the data from all of the computers and security services included in the solution are analysed to isolate connections, trends, and risks that might otherwise be difficult to identity. Our portal provides an overview presentation of incidents and connections from all of your operations’ computers.

Principal benefits

  • Protection that follows your units

    Work just as securely remotely as in the office.

  • Overview in the customer portal

    Summary and analysis of all security incidents in the customer portal.

  • Advanced, but user-friendly

    Carefully selected services give the users complete protection but is not perceived as complicated.

  • Simple management

    Minimal management of updates to security software in the units.

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