Industry and manufacturing

The digitalisation of the industrial sector is all about maximising the potential offered by system integration, automated processes, and enhanced production efficiency. But protecting intangible assets and finding effective and sustainable routes to tomorrow’s business world are equally important.

Maximise the potential and open up new opportunities to scale up your business

Our smart system integration services offer unmatched opportunities to analyse, improve efficiency, and develop your business and production. Global cloud infrastructure allows you to scale up without making massive IT investments.


of business in the industrial and manufacturing sectors say that they know too little about cyber security.


higher investment level in integration services in the industrial and manufacturing sector than in other sectors.


of companies in the industrial and manufacturing sector have ongoing cloud transformation projects.

source: Radar Ecosystem

How can we help you?

Close the gap between aspiration and implementation

Our dedicated consultancy practice with over 300 digitization and innovation experts helps you maximize the impact of the digital transformation – from strategy, cloud transformation and cyber security, all the way to user experience and data driven innovation.

Growth in new geographical markets with global cloud services

Getting your products out into new markets is often a key factor for growth in the industrial sector. Global cloud infrastructure lays the foundations for scaling up your operations in new geographical markets quickly and without making massive investments in local infrastructure.

Protect intangible assets

The industrial sector holds invaluable intangible assets in the form of patents, designs, and CAD files, etc. But data that ends up in the wrong hands can undermine business models and competitiveness. Iver’s cyber security offering includes both proactive and reactive security services that minimise the risk of losing business-critical information.

Maximise the potential with an integrated system landscape

Rapid development and adaptation to new market conditions, often through acquisitions, leads to complex IT environments with parallel processes and systems. Iver’s integration services enable your systems to communicate with each other, opening up totally new opportunities to enhance production efficiency and create competitive advantages.

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