From start-up to Europe’s biggest plastic recycling plant in two years – scalable IT services are an enabler

Client: Svensk Plaståtervinning

Swedish Plastic Recycling offers a nationwide system for collecting and recycling plastic packaging in Sweden to companies with an extended producer responsibility. The company’s plastic packaging recycling plant in Motala is the largest and most efficient in Europe, and has around 60 employees.

Swedish Plastic Recycling’s fully automated technology enables it to sort different plastic types with maximum precision, helping to reduce waste and ensure that as much as possible can be used to make new plastic products. The plant currently has the capacity to collect and process all of the plastic packaging from households throughout Sweden


The challenge

In early 2018, Swedish Plastic Recycling was planning to build a plastic recycling plant in Motala, with everything from factory premises to offices, but lacked the IT skills required to run and develop the operations. What they needed was a modern, full-service solution for the company’s IT infrastructure that was both flexible and scalable.  


The solution

The network services package initially provided by Iver has now developed into a full-service IT operations package. From the start, Iver’s Project Managers were responsible – working hand in hand with Swedish Plastic Recycling – for establishing the proper basis for the scalable IT infrastructure. Swedish Plastic Recycling’s high growth rate meant rapidly changing requirements, and Iver successfully added additional services to address these new requirements. 



Iver now provides Swedish Plastic Recycling’s entire IT infrastructure – everything from networks, connections, operations, and computers, to software, ERPs, and conference rooms. A number of customised solutions have also been created for the plant’s various M2M networks and process flows. 

The key thing for us was the start of Iver’s services provision. The level of service Iver has provided and the commitment they have demonstrated have been crucial in ensuring that our growth was not restricted by our IT. Today, now that we are a more normal operating customer, the huge variety of components that make up our package of services clearly show how IT is absolutely an integral part of effectively every aspect of our operations, says Karin Petersson, Swedish Plastic Recycling’s Head of Operations.

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