14 countries' different IT solutions became one

Client: Swegon

Over the course of two years, Iver standardised and migrated all of the IT infrastructure and client platforms for Swegon, and is one of the company’s principal IT providers.

Swegon is the market leader in energy-efficient ventilation and indoor climate systems. The operations are conducted through six business areas, with just over 2,300 employees in Europe, North America, and Asia.   


The challenge 

In the spring of 2016, after a massive expansion programme, Swegon had 80 offices in 14 countries worldwide. The offices in the individual countries were run, in many respects, as separate companies with individual solutions and their own IT providers, which meant the challenges facing Swegon when it came to increasing efficiency and collaboration were substantial. Swegon’s 2,000+ employees had, for example, no shared address book and no ability to share files with one another.  


The solution 

After winning Swegon’s procurement process, Iver began work on standardising Swegon’s IT environment and the migration to the data centres in Alingsås, country by country. The entire project was planned and run from Alingsås through weekly project meetings over two years. The rollouts in the various sites worldwide were achieved using established routines and with Iver’s personnel on site in order to make the migration easier for the users.    


The benefits 

The fact that a large company like Iver has the flexibility of a smaller company makes a big difference to the customer, and runs through both the interactions and the services. The partnership is very open and transparent, which is possible thanks to Iver’s in-house developed system, Cendot, with which Swegon’s application team also work.  

Iver is our principal provider of IT infrastructure and we elected to buy all of the IT as a single service, which means Iver has full-service responsibility and we can rest assured that nothing will fall through the gaps. We know what we need and the results we want to achieve, so we never tell them how to do things; we simply set requirements for the services. And right from the start, Iver has had the strength to produce high quality, customised solutions that enable us to achieve our goals. The flexibility was one of the reasons why we chose Iver as our partner, says Anders Björklund,  Infrastructure Operation Manager at Swegon.  

The services 

This project has resulted in a standard platform that paves the way for new opportunities within Swegon. The shared platform means that implementing upgrades and rolling out different types of shared tools, such as ERPs, is now easy. Swegon’s users worldwide can now hold Skype meetings with each other and share files with each other, and their contact details are listed in a shared address book, and much more besides.  

No other supplier allowed us to sit at the same service desk. In Cendot, we have our own queue, we have access to all of the information, and we can follow every step of the work – nothing’s kept from us. We value the fact that we have a service team dedicated to us, that our users can call the team directly and that they know all about us as a customer. The service team has recruited people with a range of language skills in order to meet our global requirements, which means our users get support in their own language, says Anders Björklund. 

We have a very good partnership and we regard Iver as a partner, not as a provider. We work as a team and have a very close dialogue. Above all, we appreciate the flexibility and transparency. Iver are fast on their feet and responsive, and we can always discuss things together, concludes Anders Björklund. 

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