A secure and flexible IT platform assists Solna City’s work with digital solutions in an attractive and efficient city

Client: Solna City

Being a competitive city requires secure and modern IT services. The support provided by Iver’s solution enables Solna City to deliver smart, digital solution for the operations and residents of Solna.

Solna City has a population of 81,000 and a substantial labour market of around 90,000 people who work in the city. Solna City has been experiencing strong growth for several years now, requiring investments in public services, such as new schools and preschools. The influx of new residents also makes demands on Solna City’s ability to focus on its operational development and ongoing creation of stable economic preconditions. A strong economy, underpinned by jobs and enterprise, are vital in meeting future challenges.  


The challenge 

Solna City’s IT provision must benefit both the operations and the residents. IT is becoming an increasingly integral component of the city, as shown, for example, by its use in school’s educational activities and in the form of e-services for local residents. Both the operations and the residents demand a great deal in terms of IT support with regard both to availability and security 


The solution 

Iver provides IT services that enable the development of smart, digital solutions that support Solna’s operations and residents both today and tomorrow. The services are provided in close cooperation with Solna City’s IT department and other IT providers.   


The services 

Iver provides infrastructural services and system and application operations for central operations systems, with 24/7/365 support.  


The benefits 

Iver’s ability to meet Solna City’s requirement for flexible and secure IT solutions is a key factor in the partnership. Iver’s specific focus on the public sector creates a good understanding of the challenges and requirements that are unique to Solna City. 

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