Secure and modern IT operations services provided in close cooperation with other suppliers create efficient solutions for Sollentuna Local Authority’s employees and residents

Client: Sollentuna Municipality

Sollentuna Municipalitys operations are of vital importance to the community and require the customer-focused provision of secure and modern IT operations services. Iver’s services are also crucial to the local authority’s work with smart digital solutions that support both the operations and the population of Sollentuna.

Sollentuna Municipalitys vision is to be Sweden’s most attractive municipality. The population is 72,000+ and is growing by almost 1,000 people per year. As the population growth increases, so does the need for new housing, eco-friendly methods of transport, and opportunities for recreation and green areas. An urban transformation process is taking place in Sollentuna, bringing a new character and increase in density to the central municipal areas. The Local Authority is creating the preconditions for vibrant urban environments, close to transport and communications, with a mixture of housing, offices and retail.   

Sollentuna Municipality is keen to be one of Sweden’s leading municipalities in the field of digital development, increasing the potential for services and engagement by local residents and businesses. Prioritised digitisation areas include digital expertise, digital democracy, digital innovation and cooperation, digital services, and digital infrastructure.  


The challenge 

Sollentuna Municipality develops IT support for both the operations and the local population. As the process of digitisation increases, the demand for modern, secure, and flexible IT provision by the Local Authority’s IT operations, and suppliers such as Iver, increases.  


The solution 

Iver has, with the help of the well-defined requirements laid out during the Sollentuna Local Authority’s procurement process, produced a secure and modern IT platform and a collaboration model that ensures customer-focused provision and efficient cooperation with the Local Authority’s other IT providers.    


The services 

Iver provides a redundant platform that includes infrastructural services, critical systems, and applications operations. Iver has full-service responsibility for the platform’s functionality and availability, 24/7/365. 


The benefits 

Sollentuna Municipality and Iver are keen to create efficient and flexible IT solutions using modern services, well-established collaborative models, and good relationships. Iver’s specific focus on the public sector creates a good understanding of the challenges and requirements that are unique to Sollentuna Municipality.

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