Focusing on core operations requires quality IT that is flexible and scalable

Client: Katrineholm Municipality

Katrineholm Municipality aims to boost its attractiveness both as an employer and a location. Its goal is to encourage more people to live, start a business, build homes and go to school in Katrineholm.

In other words, to encourage more people to benefit from everything the municipality has to offer. Increased digitalisation and more efficient procedures allow municipality employees to focus on what makes Katrineholm an attractive location.

A key aspect of our IT systems management procurement was to ensure our employees would have the right tools so they have more time to concentrate on the municipality’s core activities. The procurement process also emphasised the need for the supplier to make our procedures more innovative and proactive. The right IT services at the right price, along with greater quality, flexibility and scalability. Iver’s principal task is to provide the best solution for this, says Sari Eriksson, Chief Executive of Katrineholm Municipality. 

The solution

Iver supplies a full-service solution, ensuring the municipality’s operations and employees have the right tools to provide the greatest possible benefit for local residents. An effective model for collaboration between Iver and the municipality’s IT department and other areas ensures good opportunities for digital development and innovation.

Over the past few years Iver has demonstrated they can be relied on. Iver has helped us improve our level of service and increase the availability of our systems, adds Sari Eriksson. 

The services

Iver supplies a full-service solution involving management of systems and applications, local area networks, client-end services for employees, an MDM platform for schools and full user support. Iver also has an office in Katrineholm, allowing it to provide the customer with onsite technical support. Iver has carried out a number of large projects since the start of the contract, including updating and expanding wireless networks and upgrading the municipality’s entire central administration client platform. 


The benefits

As well as being geographically close to customers, we also take a like-minded approach. Iver has a number of employees who have previous experience of working at Katrineholm Municipality’s IT department. This provides significant advantages in terms of understanding both the IT environment and how the municipality operates. Iver’s size and local presence ensure that Katrineholm Municipality gains the greatest benefit and value from applications and the latest technical advances. 

Photo: Hanna Maxstad


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