Ensuring the right level of capacity for Nelly and NLY MAN at all times

Client: Nelly

Nelly offers fashion and beauty products for young women via Nelly.com and for men through NLY MAN. At its core is Nelly’s own brand NLY by Nelly, which is complemented by a select range of fashion items from over 700 brands. The company’s own brand is very much on trend and promotes strong customer loyalty.

The challenge

As a leading supplier in one of the fastest growing categories in online fashion retail, Nelly requires a secure platform with guaranteed uptime. The infrastructure must be available and function effectively throughout the year, including during periods of particularly heavy traffic.


The solution

Iver supplies a full-service solution, ensuring Nelly has the right tools for a reliable and effective e-commerce platform. The solution is scalable, and capacity adjusts to match the level of traffic at different times. In addition to supplying and operating the platform itself, Iver is also Nelly’s strategic IT partner, proactively supporting Nelly as the company continues to grow. Iver has a local office in Borås, which means it can also provide on-site technical support as Nelly is headquartered in the same city.

Iver has an impressive set of references from our industry, for which they have devised solutions to challenges using platforms that are exposed to considerable pressure. We believe we have found a supplier that genuinely understands our challenges, and that can supply stable and secure solutions, says Henrik Palmquist at Nelly.


Iver currently supplies the platform for Nelly’s e-commerce and central network structure, as well as an MDM platform for Nelly’s clients. 

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