Development co-operation gave the salvage industry a common operating system

Client: Bärgningslogistik

Bärgningslogistik turned to Accelerate at Iver to develop the first operational system on the market for independent salvage operators. The result was BravoX2 - an operational system that enabled fast and efficient digitalisation.

The Swedish company Bärgningslogistik faced the challenge of building a system that would easily connect all the independent salvage operators working on behalf of the major players in the salvage industry. To develop the product, they contacted Accelerate at Iver. The result was BravoX2 - an operational system that supports collaboration between independent salvage operators by enabling shared case management, routing, payment and invoicing. 


In the salvage industry, in addition to the major players such as Assistanskåren and SOS, there are independent salvage operators who work on behalf of the major players. These salvage companies need to be able to send cases between themselves, direct vehicles, share invoicing and transfer order data to a common financial system. There has long been no common platform for this, something that Bärgningslogistik wanted to change. To go from an idea to an actual product, they partnered with Accelerate at Iver.


Accelerate at Iver developed the cloud service BravoX2, a system for case management, routing, payment and invoicing of salvage and transport cases. The system accepts requests for salvage transport and enables the smooth routing of independent salvage operators. BravoX2 has inbuilt features such as map functionality to see the location of vehicles and information about the nearest workshop to repair the vehicle based on a contract. There are also integrations for different types of payment methods, as well as the Fortnox financial system.


BravoX2 is today a living product that is developed in parallel with the system being in operation. We work together with Accelerate at Iver in DevOps where we have frequent project and follow-up meetings between us as clients, and directly with developers at Iver.

Marcus Gustavsson CEO at Bärgningslogistik Sverige AB.



With BravoX2 as the first independent supplier of IT systems for the salvage industry, Bärgningslogistik has been able to enable rapid and efficient digitalisation. The product is a piece of the puzzle that, together with an efficient financial system, shortens the administrative handling time for each case.


"The overall effect, both in the short and long term, is that users (our end customers) of the system gain more effective control over assignments, follow-up, and invoicing. As well as a significant reduction in administrative work."

Marcus Gustavsson, CEO of Bärgningslogistik Sverige AB.