Pernilla Henriksson

Key Account Manager, Stockholm

Pernilla has in-depth experience of customer-orientated relationships in the public sector, on both the commercial and the supply sides, and has been employed as a Key Account Manager (KAM) at Iver since September 2018. It was the customer-orientated methodology that attracted Pernilla to actively apply for a job with Iver – and it’s something she regards as an outstanding decision.

– At Iver, we genuinely work in a customer-orientated way and I’m involved in ensuring that our customers obtain maximum benefit and value from the packaged solution we supply. It’s very clear at Iver that the customer is at the heart of everything we do, and all of my colleagues and I take going beyond our customers’ expectations very seriously. Achieving that aim means you have to get to know your customers very well – and we do.” 

In her role as KAM, Pernilla has overall responsibility for sales to her assigned customers. The role also involves working with technical account managers to create a customer team who work together to ensure that both the commercial relationship and the packaged solution exceed the customer’s expectations. The customer team collectively assists the customer with both operational and strategic issues in both the short and the long term.   

“There’s no “ordinary” day at work for me. Every day is different, and my work is very varied. Every day involves a lot of different types of interaction with people – whether they’re customers or colleagues – which means I seldom spend hours sitting at my desk. I’m convinced that the high-quality teamwork between the different departments enables us to reap the maximum benefit from people’s different skills and experiences. And that helps me develop in my role and become a better supplier for our customers. 

Pernilla regarded the chance to work for a company that is undergoing widespread change and extensive expansion as exciting, because of the variety that meant. And if you’re thinking of applying for a job at Iver, Pernilla says that it’s an excellent opportunity to be part of building up a new company.  

– We’re looking at an incredibly exciting voyage of change, with numerous new challenges. We’re looking for new colleagues who would like to come with us on that journey, in the company of helpful colleagues – a journey where we challenge both ourselves, and our customers and competitors.

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“I applied to Iver because I wanted to work for a company that is genuinely customer-orientated.”

Pernilla Henriksson, Key account manager

“Iver is just a mind-blowing workplace!”

Markus Berg, Service Desk Manager

“We might have almost 850 more employees than when I started here, but the workplace is just as helpful and supporting as it’s always been.”

Jesper Andersson, Group Manager