Jesper Andersson

Group Manager, Alingsås

When Jesper started working as a first line technician at one of the companies that now forms part of Iver, the company had a workforce of 45 people, who worked out of a single office. Now, eight years later, Jesper is the Group Manager for a customer team and the company has over 900 employees spread across numerous locations in several countries.

– A couple of years ago, a new customer team was formed, and I took on the challenge of becoming Group Manager, which is a role I very much enjoy. Yes, being responsible for the customer team’s personnel, provision and finances is challenging, but I get a massive amount of support from a helpful organisation. And in my opinion, that helpfulness and supportiveness is exactly the same today as it was back in the day, despite us being so much bigger than we were eight years ago. There are no egos here – everyone really helps everyone else.

The Group Manager’s duties are varied. Jesper is responsible for leading and allocating the group’s resources and also acts as an IT advisor on a daily basis for the customer team’s customers.  

– There’s no such thing as a “ordinary day” for me. That’s why I enjoy my job so much! I never clock watch and feel that the day’s dragging, because I’m having so much fun. It’s great being part of producing the right, customised solutions for our customers. My team and I are part of the process from the start to the ongoing delivery. We’re a really good team and I put a lot of emphasis on making sure that my colleagues are happy and that we have fun together.

– There’s a special culture at Iver that really promotes both personal and professional development, and we’re constantly looking for new colleagues who want to help us develop our business and our customers. At Iver, you’re never an insignificant cog in a machine – here, you’re an important member of the team from day one.

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“I applied to Iver because I wanted to work for a company that is genuinely customer-orientated.”

Pernilla Henriksson, Key account manager

“Iver is just a mind-blowing workplace!”

Markus Berg, Service Desk Manager

“We might have almost 850 more employees than when I started here, but the workplace is just as helpful and supporting as it’s always been.”

Jesper Andersson, Group Manager