Meet our employees

Our employees are our most important asset

In order to continue to grow and deliver the highest quality to our customers, we must have the market's best employees.

We are passionate about innovation and building strong teams and encourage all employees to think new and share their knowledge. Together we create a modern workplace for a changing world.

Get to know some of us below!

System developer
Jamil Bariche

I value the close collaboration we at Iver have with our customers. With some customers, you are so close that it feels like you are talking to a colleague.

Bid Manager
Amanda Sangemark

Amanda has been with Iver for just over a year and works as a Bid Manager, listen to her telling about her role and why she choose Iver as workplace.

System developer
Désirée Nordlund

I dare say that problem solving is my strength, and also what motivates me the most.

Tech Lead
Fredrik Warfvinge

I can also trust that my colleagues have skills that complement mine and that we can offer our customers values that are greater than the sum of the separate parts.

Oscar Carlsson

The best thing at Iver is all the nice colleagues and the essentially non-existent hierarchy. We all contribute in creating an environment where we can thrive.

Integration developer
Xander Modig

All projects are unique, and you always learn something new in all different contexts.

Team Manager
Lana Abdulla

We have a strong community and a lot of joy in our team. We are always learning from each other.

Project Manager
Dave Simmons

At Iver, we work at the forefront of technology. As a technician or technical project manager, you get the opportunity to learn everything about the latest technology.