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Fredrik Warfvinge, Tech Lead


Fredrik Warfvinge works as Tech Lead and DevOps Engineer at Accelerate at Iver. In the role, there is a strong focus on helping customers with automation, security and regulatory compliance.

– The best thing about working as a consultant is the opportunity to work with many different techniques and continuesly refine your skills. It is also rewarding to focus on creating value, both for ourselves, but above all for our customers. The work often consists of converting a customer's thoughts into a real solution that allows them to accelerate and become faster in their delivery.

Fredrik's working day often starts with preparations for a daily stand-up and then he focuses on handling the issues he is assigned as well as any urgent matters that might have to be adressed. The days tend to be very varied.

– I like juggling a lot of things at once and working on many different things at the same time, so the best projects for me are the ones where I get to offer my knowledge to provide valuable solutions to the customers problems, rather than working more generally with IT. I prefer to work with clients who want to absorb the knowledge and develop, rather than those who want to outsource internal needs, because the former tends to lead to more challenging projects and solutions.

Fredrik has a broad and multifaceted background, something he believes has given him the strength to easily translate business problems into technical solutions.

– I am passionate about security and automation and have certified myself in all of HashiCorp's certification paths. In my work with customers, I am of the opinion that if you have to do something more than once, it is generally worth thinking about automating it.

What motivates Fredrik in his work as a consultant is that he is constantly challenged to learn new things and to also inspire others through knowledge sharing.

As part of a team with highly skilled individuals, I have colleagues whose knowledge complements mine and by working together we create an even bigger value for our customers. 

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