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Jamil Bariche, System Developer


Jamil’s career at Iver started with an internship during his studies within Full-stack development. Today he works as a system developer at Accelerate at Iver and is passionate about creating great user experiences.

I love working at the client level or as we developers usually say "frontend" and that is where my strengths lie. For me, the appearance and the user-friendliness of an application or website are the most crucial parts within development since it determines the experience of the end user.

A typical working day for Jamil starts with a daily team meeting where they discuss what is on the agenda for the day. It is also a good opportunity for the team to share any problems or obstacles in order to be able to support each other in moving forward. After that, the working day is spent handling the matters on the agenda for the day. The cases may look different; it can be anything from bugs that need to be fixed, to new features that the customer wants that need to be developed.

Working in a consulting role, Jamil values working closely together with customers. He believes that a close relationship creates better results.

I value the close collaboration we at Iver have with our customers. With some customers, you are so close that it feels like you are talking to a colleague. A closer and more frequent dialogue with the customer also gives me as a developer an opportunity to create a greater understanding of the customer needs. This in turn means that, in addition to executing concrete requests, I can also come up with suggestions for improvement and thus tailor a solution as efficient and adapted as possible.

Jamil has gone from an internship role where he worked on minor cases and handled bugs, to now working in a larger role and with larger clients and projects. The opportunity to grow and develop in the workplace is something that motivates him.

Constantly developing - that's what motivates me the most. At Iver, I feel that I am developing every day and I notice it myself. It is not only the work that I am getting better at, but I also feel that I am constantly developing as a person. In addition to my own drive, it is also made possible by the fact that I have a team around me that supports and helps me on this journey.

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