Why seeing the big picture is critical in IT security

11 November 2020 / Article

The increase in cyber criminality means it is becoming increasingly important to take the big picture into account when it comes to your cyber security. Traditional security measures such as antivirus software and firewalls are still central components, but no chain is stronger than its weakest link. Achieving total security means working with security every step of the way, with everything from physically secure areas, to security reviews of code and secure development processes.

The increase in cyber criminality means it is becoming increasingly important to take the big picture into account when it comes to your cyber security. Intrusion attempts come in many different forms – everything from someone breaking into the office to steal important information to run of the mill cyber attacks. Achieving total security means keeping an eye on not only the physical environment, but on work processes and relevant cyber security services, too.  

Every level must be included

Security efforts often fall short of what is required due to a failure to take into account all of the necessary levels and dimensions. Application development, for example, is an area that is often overlooked.

If you’re developing and managing a business-critical application, security levels must be high throughout the process – during both the development process and application delivery. Anyone who wants to access your business-critical information will use numerous different attack vectors in order to identify weaknesses in the solution. In many cases, they won’t be satisfied with simply attacking technical components, such as firewalls, applications, and networks: they will combine these attacks with social engineering and spear phishing, for example, says Niclas Karlsson, Information & Cyber Security Sales Director at Iver.  

Systemic solutions and independent security services

The potential that the digitisation of business models and operations offers for companies and organisations is massive. But digital transformation naturally comes hand in hand with an increased risk of threats and attacks and a need to protect digital assets. And the rapid rate of change means that yesterday’s secure solution may not necessarily be today’s.

“Our information and cyber security work focuses on systemic solutions for companies and organisations with stringent information security requirements, and we also provide independent security services that complement the customer’s existing IT solution. Our dedicated customer teams ensure that we have the know-how and information about the customer’s operations and IT infrastructure that we need to ensure we can provide all of the necessary building blocks, make sure that there are no gaps in the security, and that high information security levels can be maintained over time,” continues Niclas.


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