IT in high-security organisations - when security and innovation requirements are equally high

17 May 2024 / Article

As technological developments accelerate, companies and organisations face new challenges and opportunities. For high-security industries such as defence, the demands for security and innovation are particularly high. But how do you create IT solutions that are agile, user-friendly and foster innovation - while building security into all layers? We spoke to Erik Björndell, Service Area Manager at Accelerate at Iver. In this article, he shares some cornerstones of how to go about it.

Creating IT solutions for organisations with the highest security requirements in the market can be complex. Ensuring that the security built into the solutions does not compromise agility or interfere with a high pace of innovation does not make it any easier. Accelerate at Iver is a leading player in the market for modern IT solutions in the field of high security. With a deep understanding of digital innovation, cloud transformation, and enterprise and cloud infrastructure, Accelerate at Iver has contributed to the development of innovative product and software development platforms for many customers and projects in this sector. For high security organisations in the defence industry, these projects are shrouded in secrecy, so we cannot provide direct examples. However, in general terms, there are some basic principles on how to go about building IT environments that meet these high security requirements.


- A common theme in our work is the use of Open Source and Cloud native design from the start. This approach, which can sometimes appear complex, offers significant advantages over off-the-shelf solutions. By prioritising Open Source, we avoid the lock-in effects and potential cost issues that often arise with proprietary systems. Our focus on loosely coupled architectures also allows us to customise and upgrade the platform as needed,’ explains Erik Björndell.


The platforms developed for this sector are characterised not only by a high level of security, but also by a strong focus on user-friendliness;


- We enable developers to quickly adapt their working environments and apply agile ways of working while maintaining strict security protocols. This is crucial for creating the conditions for innovation in these types of organisations.


Through agile methodologies and strategic business development, Accelerate at Iver has ensured that these types of projects deliver not only technological innovation but also business value.


- Our success is based on a combination of technical expertise and our ability to adapt quickly to changing requirements and conditions. We use leading Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) projects and follow loosely coupled architecture principles, making our infrastructure flexible and future-proof,’ says Erik Björndell.


Another important aspect in this context is that data ownership is becoming increasingly critical, and new legal requirements such as the Cybersecurity Act are being introduced. Therefore, Accelerate at iver has actively created a unique ability to customise technological solutions to customer needs and their specific regulatory environment.


- This includes customised solutions that enable complete control and security of the customer's data and IT infrastructure,’ Erik Björndell adds.


‘Staying at the forefront of technology development is crucial for high-security organisations in the defence sector, not only to shape future defence capabilities but also to contribute to a safer world. Accelerate at Iver's contribution to the work of these organisations is to focus on creating secure, adaptable and future-proof IT solutions that support these ambitious goals.



- For us at Accelerate at Iver, it is meaningful to be able to deliver state-of-the-art solutions and expertise in areas such as platform development, automation and Infrastructure as Code to this sector. We are proud to be at the forefront of IT development in the Nordics and of the role we play in the security and success of our customers,’ concludes Erik Björndell.


Accelerate at Iver is a driving force in creating the security solutions of the future. Want to know how we can support your organisation's digital journey and technology development? Contact us via the form below for an initial discussion about your needs and how we can help realise your vision.

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