Release your innovative energy in the cloud with AI and machine learning

29 September 2021 / Article

The robust growth in cloud services has enabled companies – large or small – to dive right into highly advanced IT environments with AI, machine learning, and automated decision support. “This frees up whole new levels of innovative energy,” says Johan Åkerlund, Head of Portfolio Development at Iver.

Data – and quick decisions based on analyses of these data – have become a factor for success for more and more companies. And we’re not just talking about companies with a fully digitalised business model. Sectors such as manufacturing, and logistics and distribution, were quick to discover the potential of IoT units that gather data for further processing. 

In ”smart factories”, connected units talk directly to one another and take data-driven decisions with the help of machine learning and AI. The potential for enhancing the efficiency of sub-operations, establishing a more circular and climate-friendly materials flow, and increasing the rate of innovation in product development is enormous.

And behind all this, of course, lies the cloud. The massive market penetration of cloud services is what has enabled this development, by releasing enormous amounts of processing power at low cost.

“More and more companies are seeing the advantages of building analyses and data processing into the cloud services. Gaining access to this sort of processing power used to require massive investments, but a company with 30 employees can build up this type of technology nowadays,” says Johan Åkerlund.

And it’s thanks to this development that companies – large and small alike – can dive right into highly advanced IT environments – without initial investments and without major sacrifices. One clear benefit lies in the fact that the cloud is where global technology providers, such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Google, are investing the overwhelming majority of their innovation resources. Which means that an organisation that uses cloud services has automatic access to the market’s most powerful functions.

“Companies get the support they need to be able to handle Big Data and enormous amounts of data in data lakes, right from day one. There are also readymade modules that analyse huge quantities of data with the support of AI. And you can create machine learning systems that are constantly analysing the data, learning from changes, and drawing conclusions,” says Johan Åkerlund.

This development has the potential to release whole new levels of innovative energy in companies, at costs of which they could previously only have dreamed.

“If they wanted to test and develop new products, organisations often used to have to buy and build large and expensive testing and demo environments. Nowadays, most of that is built into the cloud services. The steps up to innovation are very low nowadays.”

But as the use of cloud services increases, it’s common for companies to buy resources and services on multiple cloud platforms. They end up in a multi-cloud environment, which can result in a complex situation with different log-ins and different security levels.

“Iver is a provider who creates high quality and comprehensive solutions for our clients. We are experts in every cloud platform and can construct a solution for the client’s specific and unique cloud environment in the form of support, service, provision, and monitoring. We’re also “cloud agnostic” – we don’t come down on the side of a specific cloud service: we always look at the bigger picture,” says Åkerlund.



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