Modernise older applications and get the maximum benefit from your cloud project

29 September 2021 / Article

“Relocating your company’s applications to the cloud can mean both substantial savings and unique access to innovation and the latest technology. But getting the maximum out of the cloud doesn’t just involve transferring the old environment: first, you need to modernise it,” says Magnus Nilsson, CTO at Iver.

Many companies and organisations nowadays are operating in a mixed IT environment. Systems have been added to systems and applications to applications. The systems and applications have often been developed internally by the company, and when the need arises for greater capacity, it’s met by adding more servers to the company’s own data centre, on-Prem. The operations – which can have become relatively expensive over the years – are outsourced to an IT partner.

“This is a situation we see all the time amongst our clients. Many of them are working with in-house developed applications and could save substantial amounts by transitioning to a cloud environment where you buy a readymade function, rather than buying data storage and CPUs for your own data centre,” says Magnus Nilsson, CTO at Iver.

“More and more companies are now seeing the benefits of cloud solutions. But the biggest potential doesn’t lie in the actual cloud,” emphasises Magnus Nilsson. “It’s in the organisation modernising as many of its applications as possible first, so that they are cloud-native – written for a cloud environment, in other words. Doing a “lift and shift” where you simply lift over your existing servers and applications to the cloud usually doesn’t result in major savings.  

“The need for modernisation is present everywhere, in every sector, and more and more organisations are realising that maintaining and managing old systems costs a great deal. But the benefits you derive from maximising your cloud project extend far beyond the purely financial ones,” says Magnus Nilsson. “Fast, straightforward, and cost-effective access to the latest technology is another important benefit.”

“The big cloud providers nowadays focus the overwhelming majority of their R&D work on cloud resources, which means that you, as a client, get access to the most cutting-edge services and innovation.”

Iver’s cloud services offering covers both situations where organisations want to do a ”lift and shift” and ones where they want to rewrite and modernise their applications.

“We manage the client’s systems and applications before, during, and after the transformation. They don’t need to think about how the cloud service is configured and structured, or about security aspects, ticket handling, or service desks. Iver has all of those services covered,” says Magnus Nilsson.

“And yes, there may be a certain amount of work involved in modernising your applications and moving them to the cloud, but the benefits are pretty easy to see and to reap,” adds Magnus Nilsson.

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