Hotels, travel and entertainment

The hotels, travel, and entertainment industry is developing rapidly and faces a constant challenge in the form of a target group that expects rapid, efficient, and problem-free service. But the business models are also vulnerable, with market conditions that can change overnight. Collectively, these factors place massive demands on infrastructure, scalability, and cost control.

Check in to the future with automation, robotisation, and cloud solutions with scalable licensing models

Whether you measure your success in RevPAR, seats booked, or customer satisfaction, your chances of achieving your goals increase with modern, efficient, and scalable IT support. The combination of modern cloud solutions and automated processes enables innovation while simultaneously reducing vulnerability.


of companies in the hotels, travel, and entertainment sector have transitioned to the cloud and a further 25% of companies have ongoing cloud projects.

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of companies in the hotels, travel, and entertainment sector are investing in information classification to ensure more secure management of and access to data.


of companies in the hotels, travel, and entertainment sector have invested or intend to invest in cyber security.

source: Radar Ecosystem

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Increased innovativeness and cost control with cloud services

Cloud-based IT infrastructure gives you increased flexibility and scalability while simultaneously giving you access to the most important innovation engine ever.

Digital transformation that enables innovation and competitive advantages

Digitalisation, automation, and sophisticated AI functions open up endless opportunities for increasing accessibility and creating a better customer experience. We work hand in hand with you to ensure that your digital transformation yields the maximum possible benefit and value for your operations.

Increased control with digital identity and system access solutions

The hotels, travel, and entertainment industry generates and processes huge amounts of data about their guests and customers. Iver’s offering includes both identity and access management services and security solutions with proactive protection.

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