Identity and access

Our identity and access management (IAM) services give you unmatched control over and smooth administration of your users’ permissions. Single-sign-on (SSO) and two factor authentication make the solution user-friendly and secure.

A modern identity and access management (IAM) system gives your colleagues access to the specific systems and resources they need – when they need them. A policy-based framework makes it easy to control permissions, all the way down to departmental and individual level. The service is fully compatible with cloud services and hybrid IT solutions. Single-sign-on and two factor authentication mean that your users only need to log in once to gain secure access to all of the systems and resources they need to have a productive working day.

Our experienced experts work with you to draw up an identity strategy and a solution that is fully customised in line with your operations’ requirements and information classification.

Main benefits

  • Overview and control

    A solution that gives you an overview of and full control over users and permissions.

  • Regulatory compliance

    Increased protection for personal data processing in accordance with GDPR.

  • User-friendly and secure

    Single-sign-on and two factor authentication ensure smooth and secure access to all systems and resources, irrespective of where you are working.

  • A proactive partner

    Our client-focused teams and experienced experts ensure at all times that you have the best solution for your operations, today and tomorrow.

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