Development, Integration and User Experience

Flexible IT solutions through modern system development

The world is changing rapidly. Users are demanding more and more effective, digitalised, and user-friendly solutions. But many organisations are also finding that their internal expertise, capacity, and experience are insufficient to keep up with organisational requirements.

Our consultants have wide-ranging expertise in system development and architecture and in-depth experience of developing business-critical solutions for both the private and the public sector. As industry-leading experts, we can generate solutions that solve commercial problems, optimise operations, and can help your organisation balance expectations, launch rolling provision of new functionality – and provide user-centred experiences. Our extensive experience and methodical approach enable us to guide your operations on incorporating best practice into your development projects and enable us to build a flexible architecture optimised for your specific solution.

Our focus in all development work is on automation, testing, and rolling provision. We work with infrastructure as code and employ important principles, such as DevOps, to achieve a flexible system architecture that can be more easily adapted in line with your requirements.  

Expertise and services

  • Modern development and integration

    Extensive experience of modern development and integration of everything from microservice architecture to large integration platforms in Azure, Amazon, and Google, etc.

  • Specialist coding expertise

    Specialist expertise in .Net, Java, and JavaScript, and the use of microservice-based architecture.

  • Developing user-end services

    High-level expertise and experience in full-stack development, universal design, and user-orientated services.

  • Development in public and private cloud environments

    Extensive experience of public and private cloud services, based on containers and Kubernetes.

  • Applications, integrations, and lifecycle management

    High-level expertise in the development and management of applications and integrations, and in associated lifecycle management.

  • Expertise in development platforms and Developer Experience

    Specialist expertise in modern development platforms and Developer Experience.

Main benefits

  • Optimised operational performance

    Access to expertise with the right know-how helps you optimise your operations’ performance.

  • Increased efficiency

    Working smarter and implementing agile principles means reduced time to market.

  • Enhanced productivity

    Best practice and increased capacity improve operational productivity.

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