Competence and confidence crucial when Jobandtalent moved into the cloud

Client: Jobandtalent

Jobandtalent modernised its entire IT environment, moving from shared responsibility to full-service responsibility with Iver. They now regard Iver as their very own IT department.

Jobandtalent runs manpower and recruitment operations – primarily in the manufacturing, industrial, warehousing & logistics, construction and installation, and administrative personnel sectors – via its Pema People AB subsidiary. The Group also provides property, arena management, and external environment management services via its Pema Partner AB subsidiary.


The challenge 

Jobandtalent offers innovative and flexible manpower solutions that help their customers boost their competitiveness. Doing this demands that Pema, itself, develops apace with its customers in order to ensure that it can always provide optimal commercial benefit. Pema needed to buy in IT services, rather than handling the infrastructure in-house, in order to be able to focus on its core operations. They were also keen to move away from their existing mixed IT solution, where some elements were handled internally and others by suppliers. Iver enabled them to group all of their infrastructural services under a single banner.  


The solution 

Good support is very important. Magnus Sundberg, CIO of Jobandtalent, says that it took no time at all before they developed real confidence in the personnel at Iver, who successfully communicated both the breadth and depth of expertise within the organisation. 

The implementation was done in stages and in line with Pema’s requirements. Over the course of a little over six months, the services were migrated to Iver. Magnus remembers that many of Jobandtalent’s end users, who had seen similar migrations before, were surprised by the smoothness of the implementation process.  

One end user was expecting not to be able to work for two days when the implementation took place, but it took about one hour before she could continue working as normal, says Magnus Sundberg. 

The benefits 

Iver acts as Jobandtalent’s internal IT department. Magnus says that the partnership with contact persons at Iver works incredibly well and also notes that he is constantly receiving feedback from end users about how much they like having Iver as their IT provider. Normally, he only gets feedback when something doesn’t work.  

Iver takes extensive responsibility for the whole package and never blames another supplier. If something doesn’t work, Iver takes it very seriously and often goes well beyond what we’d expect. We really appreciate the good, open, and proactive dialogue we have with our contact persons.  

The services 

Iver has helped Jobandtalent’s users obtain a more standardised and cost-effective IT environment than before with the aid of client computer management services and Iver’s Active Directory service solution, integrated with Office 365. All of Jobandtalent’s offices are connected by both wired and wireless network services. Pema’s servers are monitored continuously and ensure high levels of availability in Iver’s data centres, so that the technology always works, wherever the user may be. Security and user support are important components when solutions are migrated to the cloud.   

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