Real-time access to business-critical information asks a great deal of the underlying IT operations solution

Client: Optidev

Optidev is one of the Nordic region’s leading operators when it comes to developing, supplying, and implementing robust mobility solutions – including both software and hardware – for the traceability, accessibility, and gathering of business-critical information in real-time.

Optidev’s customer base spans a wide range of sectors and areas – everything from transport, warehousing, and logistics, to retail, travel, and hospitals. The one thing they all have in common, however, is a desire to improve their operational efficiency through real-time access to information – wherever and whenever.  


The challenge

Optidev develops platforms and customer environments, and generates conditions that enable their customers to process business-critical information and make it available in real time. The solutions process large numbers of transactions throughout the value chain, and Optidev was looking for an IT operations provider who could offer comprehensive operations for their customers, focusing heavily on high level security, accessibility, and redundancy.  


The solution

Optidev eventually chose Iver as its new IT operations provider, after an exhaustive selection process. The decisive factor in Optidev’s choice of provider proved to be Iver’s extensive expertise in network and server operations.

We’ve conducted a lengthy selection process in order to future proof our business-critical solutions operations. At the end of this process, we went for Iver, who could offer all of the components needed to make our solutions available to some of Sweden’s biggest companies, securely and efficiently, 24/7/365. Iver’s customer portal was also an important parameter in our decision, explains David Landerborn, COO at Optidev.


Iver’s service package for Optidev is based on a number of standard services that have been smoothly and stably customised in line with Optidev’s requirements, and those of their customers. Working in partnership with Optidev, Iver has focused heavily not only on high level security, accessibility, and redundancy, but on creating a scalable solution that meets changing requirements and which is supported around the clock.

The customer portal linked everything together, from quote to delivery, and created a very professional experience. We’ve experienced substantial growth in recent years and brought a number of major customers in different segments on board. Iver has the know-how, the size and the expertise we need to ensure our business can develop with the support of the right IT infrastructure, continues David Landerborn, Optidev.


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