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Xander Modig, Integration Developer


Xander Modig works with system integration and software development at Accelerate at Iver. In his role, he works as a client-facing consultant and works, among other things, with integrations linked to BizTalk at Skatteverket.

During a normal working day, Xander varies meetings with new development of integration solutions. He finds motivation in seeing all his hard work result in a system or an integration that the end users appreciate.

– All projects are unique, and you always learn something new in all different contexts. My colleagues have taken me under their wings since I was new to the job and have taught me to always hold my head high, sit tight and always do my absolute best to solve customers' problems.

With a degree in computer engineering from the Lund University of Technology, he has a wide range of skills and believes that a strength is that he has learned to be flexible with different techniques in order to find the best solution.

– Regardless of whether it's Azure or BizTalk I'm currently working with, it's equally interesting to me.

Xander started his career, like many other newly graduated engineers, within the field of system development. It was everything from Java to C#. At one point he was promised a system development job which turned out to be something completely different. On that path, he encountered system integration for the first time.

For Xander, the most important thing in the workplace and within the team is that there is a good mood, fighting spirit, helpfulness and competence.

The best thing about being a consultant is without a doubt all the fantastic people you come across. Everyone has their own story and way of working. That dynamic fascinates me immensely. I learn both new technical skills as well as social skills in every project I get to be involved in!

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