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Désirée Nordlund, System Developer


It started with industrial robots, control systems, monitoring and simplified interfaces. Today, Désirée works as a system developer at Accelerate at Iver and is a hired consultant at Skatteverket, the Swedish Tax Agency.

Originally, I was trained to program industrial robots and control systems. I've worked a lot with machine code to program physical stuff (like the old Älvsborgsbron) and other things like indoor climate and user interfaces for that. It was only later that I took the step to develop software for regular computers. My passion doesn’t lie in any specific technology, but rather in problem solving. I find it motivating to create flexible solutions that are easy to maintain.

In her role at Accelerate at Iver, Désirée has worked as a consultant at the Swedish Tax Agency for the past six years. There, she develops software with the aim of facilitating the day-to-day life of the administrators.

I have a flexible everyday life and can combine work from the office on the days my team and I have agreed to meet, with work from the home office on the days I want to work more focused on my own. If it's my turn to staff the support, I keep an eye on what comes in, otherwise my working days are spent with one or more problems I'm going to try to solve.

When asked what motivates her at work, Désirée mentions problem-solving and nice colleagues as important factors.

I dare say that problem-solving is one of my strongest assets, and also what motivates me.

After working for six years with Platina and at Skatteverket, I also have a good grasp of those parts and I’m the system developer who has worked the longest in my team. The best thing about my job as a consultant is that in addition to the colleagues who are part of my immediate team, I have a whole network of consultants that can support me.

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