Focus on cloud transformation and sustainability as Greenfood extends agreement with Iver

22 June 2021 / Press release

Greenfood, one of the Nordic region’s leading healthy and fresh food groups, has extended its IT services provision agreement with Iver. The new agreement focuses strongly on scalability and transformation to a more cloud-based service provision, and includes a reporting system that is unique to the client and shows the total climate footprint arising from the provision of IT services.

Greenfood, with brands such as Picadeli, GreenDeli, Daily Greens, and SallaCarte, has renewed and expanded its confidence in Iver in the form of a new 24-month agreement. Iver will continue to operate Greenfood’s entire IT environment, including server operations, licence management, backup services, and LAN, WiFi, and database operations, and will now also provide reports showing the climate footprint and environmental impact throughout Iver’s value chain in connection with the service provision for Greenfood.

“Renewed expressions of confidence are the best proof possible that we are meeting our clients’ expectations. The agreement with Greenfood reflects the areas on which many businesses - particularly the larger ones - are focusing right now, namely greater flexibility and a more frequent, more advisory dialogue on the transformation to expanded cloud-based services,” says Mikael Ryberg, Regional Manager at Iver.

“Iver is the right partner for us, now that we are initiating the transformation to cloud-based services. We also have extremely ambitious sustainability goals, and Iver will be helping us to measure, evaluate, and reduce our climate footprint generated by the IT services we buy in during the upcoming term of the agreement,” says Josef Wellmarker, IT Director at Greenfood.

“There is a clear trend amongst clients towards demanding more when it comes to sustainability issues, and it is one that was a feature both of our dialogue with Greenfood and the services we will be providing for them. Greenfood will now become part of a pilot project that will involve us reporting the total climate footprint - including the footprint from our entire supply chain - as a consequence of the IT services we provide for Greenfood. We’re delighted, both by Greenfood’s renewed expression of confidence in us, and by the opportunity to further develop not only our service provision but also our relationship, and thereby generate even better conditions for helping Greenfood achieve their growth and sustainability goals,” says Mikael Ryberg.

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This information was published on 22 June 2021, at 09.00 (CET).