Iver’s City Network subsidiary rebrands as Cleura

12 April 2022 / Press release

Iver’s City Network subsidiary company – the European cloud provider – is, as of today, amalgamating all of its services under a new brand known as Cleura. The new brand is part of the company’s growth strategy of offering European cloud infrastructure for digital innovation, enabling the private and public sectors to maximise digitalisation’s potential without the risk of breaching European data legislation.

City Network will, as of today, be amalgamating all of its services under a new brand known as Cleura. Today also sees the launch of a new partnership-based business model, comprising both services based on Cleura’s infrastructure with built-in regulatory compliance, and those of partners who include Cleura’s cloud in their offering. The aim is to increase customers’ freedom of choice, to make European cloud power accessible to all and, as a result, strengthen Europe’s digital sovereignty.  

Cleura’s public and private cloud services, and Compliant Cloud, are developed using open source code and have built-in data protection and regulatory compliance functionality. The services, which are accessible from multiple cloud zones worldwide, are used as platforms for both development and operation of organisations in the public and private sectors.  

Cleura’s goal, based on IT as infrastructure services (IaaS), is to build a digital ecosystem with like-minded partners in AI, security, IoT, 5G, GPU, and many more besides. Several partners already offer Cleura’s cloud services to customers with data protection and regulatory compliance requirements, and partnerships with leading local and European consultancy firms are an important part of the strategy that aims to make Cleura’s offering accessible to more organisations.  

“The market for cloud services is growing strongly in Europe, and both the private and the public sectors have taken the cloud on board as the natural platform for digital transformation. At the same time, the legal and regulatory requirements have become more stringent, which requires Europe to increase its digital sovereignty. Cleura has been developed to meet these specific customer requirements, and to act as a digital platform for innovation that ensures digital transformation processes do not occur at the expense of people’s privacy,” says Johan Christenson, the founder of Cleura.

“We believe in a multi-cloud world and in offering our clients alternatives. The right combination of cloud services allows us to help our clients accelerate their innovative potential whilst simultaneously protecting the digital value created. From that viewpoint, Cleura’s cloud services are not only an important and integral part of Iver’s cloud offering, but also a digital innovation platform that Cleura provides through its partners. There is enormous built-in strength in strategic partnerships and in co-creating innovation with partners, clients, and other operators,” says Carl-Magnus Månsson, President and CEO of Iver.

For further information, contact:
Carl-Magnus Månsson, President & CEO, Iver
tel. +46 73 668 92 74

Johan Christenson, Founder of Cleura and VP Innovation
tel. +46 733 31 21 36

Jakob Tapper, Information,
tel. +46 739 81 63 33

About Cleura
Cleura, the European cloud, offers fully automated digital infrastructure services for organisations who are keen to innovate without compromising data protection. By providing secure digital infrastructure based on open source code, and with built-in regulatory compliance, Cleura offers a sustainable platform for innovation whilst simultaneously ensuring that its users maintain control over their data. Cleura is part of Iver and its head offices are in Sweden, but the company’s cloud services are accessible worldwide. For further information, please visit www.cleura.com.

About Iver
Iver is a leading Nordic provider of cloud-based IT-services. With technical expertise and deep understanding of your business, we help you drive digital transformation, closing the gap between aspiration and implementation. Iver’s registered office is in Stockholm and we operate mainly throughout the Nordic region, with an agenda to continue our expansion. Iver has a turnover of just over SEK 2.8 billion and approximately 1,500 employees who work at one of our 25 offices around the world. We are not big blue – we are yellow. Large enough to scale and agile enough to innovate. Read more at iver.se.

This information was published on 12 April 2022, at 07.00 (CET).