Iver tops Radar report on IT provider quality

17 December 2019 / Press release

Iver is at the forefront of customer satisfaction. Iver has been ranked number one in the category of client-end services in the annual report on perceived IT provider quality, published by consulting firm Radar.

At the end of each year Radar conducts a major survey of client perception of value and quality. This year’s review saw more than 1,000 Swedish businesses rate their providers in what is Sweden’s largest quantitative survey of IT decision-makers. The 2019 survey found Iver to be the best in Sweden at generating operational, tactical and strategic value for customers in the category of client-end services. In addition, Iver also topped the infrastructure category.

“Providing a high level of customer satisfaction is key to Iver developing at the pace we want, and the results of Radar’s report show we’re on the right path. We look forward to helping more clients achieve their full potential by continuing to understand the unique requirements of each customer and leveraging the opportunities offered by accelerating technological advances. I believe that through the hard work of our colleagues and customer focus we will continue providing high levels of customer satisfaction, as well as enhancing client efficiency and productivity,” said Iver President and CEO Carl-Magnus Månsson.

“The results of this year’s report show that large global players and some companies involved in large-scale consolidations are losing out when it comes to customer intimacy, partnership and value. Being close to customers and providing an essential service seem to be what matter most to clients,” noted Hans Werner, CEO of Radar.
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Jakob Tapper, Communications, Iver, Telephone: +46 739 81 63 33; email: jakob.tapper@iver.se

About Iver
Iver develops and provides services in the field of IT operations, high security solutions, and application development for medium- and large-sized companies and organisations, and for the public sector. Iver is the personal approach pretender in the Nordic IT operations market. Iver’s registered office is in Stockholm and we operate in Sweden and Norway, but our agenda will see us continue to expand throughout the Nordic region while remaining, at all times, close to our clients. The company’s roots lie in the successful merger between Candidator and DGC. Under EQT’s ownership, we have grown stronger together and acquired Solid Park, Exeo and Ismotec, as well as IT Gården. Iver has a turnover of just over SEK 1.7 billion and approximately 1,000 employees. Find out more at iver.se.

This information was published on 17 December 2019, at 08.15 (CET).