Iver is a leader in generating customer satisfaction

8 April 2021 / Press release

Iver is a leader in generating customer satisfaction. The big provider survey carried out by the IT research company, Radar, ranked Iver amongst the best in the client-end services category.

The IT research company, Radar, conducts a major annual survey of client perceptions of value and quality. This year’s survey, which was extended by one quarter into 2021 to enable measurement of the new normality between providers and customers during this strange pandemic year, saw over 1,000 Swedish businesses take part in what is Sweden’s biggest quantitative survey of IT decision-makers with regard to delivered customer satisfaction and customer value. The resulting 2020/21 survey shows that Iver is amongst Sweden’s best when it comes to generating operational, tactical, and strategic value for their customers – being ranked second in the client-end services category.    

“The fact that our clients have once again ranked us at the very top end shows that we are doing things right and that our outstanding development is ongoing. Our business model – client-dedicated teams with wide-ranging technical expertise and extensive knowledge of the client’s operations and the challenges they face – creates genuine commitment on the part of our employees and enables us to work really closely with our clients. And it’s through these successful partnerships with our clients that we are able to develop solutions that ensure the client’s operations get the maximum possible benefit and value from systems and digitalisation,” says Carl-Magnus Månsson, CEO of Iver.

“The results of the 2020 Radar Provider Quality Survey show that when the focus is on customer intimacy, partnership, and value, big changes happen in the client/provider relationship. Flexibility, understanding, and closeness to the client have been rewarded in 2020, when customers were forced to focus on profitability,” says Hans Werner, CEO of Radar.

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Jakob Tapper, Information, Iver, tel: +46 739 81 63 33, email: jakob.tapper@iver.se

About Iver
Iver develops, packages, and provides IT services that offer digital competitive advantages and enable innovation. We guide our clients through an ever-changing IT landscape and make it easy for them to adopt new technologies and modern methodologies. Our client base spans every sector, and we provide services for medium- and large-sized companies, organisations, and the public sector. Iver’s registered office is in Stockholm but we operate throughout the Nordic region, where our agenda is one of continued expansion while remaining, at all times, close to our clients. Iver has a turnover of just over SEK 2.3 billion and approximately 1,200 employees who work at one of our 25 offices in Sweden and Norway. We are big, but we are close to our clients, both geographically and at heart. Find out more at iver.se.

This information was published on 31 March 2021, at 11.00 (CET)