Iver expands service provision for Axess Logistics after new contract extension

26 March 2021 / Press release

A new, multiyear agreement demonstrates the ongoing confidence in Iver of Axess Logistics – a leading Scandinavian automobile logistics company – and will see an expansion of the IT operating services provided for the company by Iver.

Axess Logistics, one of Scandinavia’s leading automobile logistics companies, offering general agents and retailers a comprehensive logistics system for the Scandinavian market for imported new vehicles, and logistics solutions for internal distribution of new and used vehicles in Scandinavia, has extended and expanded its IT operating services agreement with Iver. Over the next three years, Iver will handle the operation of Axess Logistics’ business-critical systems from their own datacentres in Sweden. Iver’s service provision package also includes digital partnership services giving Axess Logistics’ employees access to all the applications, files, and cooperation tools needed for an effective working day, whatever their work location.

“Having a stable IT operations environment is incredibly important to us because several of our IT systems are business-critical and directly impact our ability to deliver services to our customers. We also operate in a rapidly changing industry and are working hard on digitalisation, so we need an operating environment that is flexible and can adapt easily in line with new requirements,” says Carl-Anders Berntsson, CIO at Axess Logistics.

“Renewals of confidence in us by our clients are, of course, absolute proof that we are living up to their expectations and requirements. The previous agreement period saw us establish a close and developmental partnership that helped us gain an ongoing better understanding of Axess Logistics’ operations and business. This enables us, as their provider and partner, to offer and deliver the right type of services that create the right preconditions for Axess Logistics to continue its development and growth,” says Mikael Ryberg, Regional Manager at Iver.

For further information, contact:
Mikael Ryberg, Regional Manager, Iver, tel: +46 73 089 43 82, email: mikael.ryberg@iver.se
Jakob Tapper, Information, Iver, tel: +46 739 81 63 33, email: jakob.tapper@iver.se

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This information was published on 26 March 2021, at 08.30 (CET).