Iver expands its services for Envirotainer after new contract extension

10 September 2020 / Press release

Envirotainer has signed a new agreement with Iver for the global provision of IT operations services. The agreement has a four-year term.

Envirotainer, the global market leader in cold chain solutions for secure air-transportation of sensitive pharmaceuticals, has extended and expanded its IT operations services agreement with Iver. Over the next four years, Iver will provide operations services for Envirotainer from its own datacentres in Sweden and via Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. Iver’s service package also includes WAN/LAN operations, WiFi, applications operations and monitoring, security services, Office 365, client and licence management, and 24/7 service desk facilities. Envirotainer is headquartered in and operates from Sweden, but also has operations centres in Frankfurt, Dallas, Atlanta, Singapore and Incheon (South Korea), amongst others, and the Iver service package is, therefore, global in scope.

“Iver has been our full service provider of IT services for the past three years and we have now chosen to extend the agreement by a further four years, due to Iver’s ability to live up to our demanding requirements for both nationally and internationally provided IT services,” says Robert Vallin, Head of IT Operations at Envirotainer.

“Envirotainer’s strong growth means it has a huge need for modern, flexible, and streamlined IT support. And this means in turn that as their partner, we must work hand in hand with Envirotainer and to be responsive to their operational requirements and needs. Over the term of the previous agreement, we established a close and developmental partnership where we not only provided stable IT services, but also constantly improved the contracted services and, furthermore, developed new services in line with changing operational requirements. The renewal and expansion of Envirotainer’s expression of faith in Iver is grounded in this close partnership and we are really looking forward to helping contribute to Envirotainer’s ongoing development over the next four years,” says Magnus Furmarker, Regional Manager at Iver.

For further information, contact:
Magnus Furmarker, Regional Manager East, Iver, tel: +46 732 36 52 49, email: magnus.furmarker@iver.se
Jakob Tapper, Information, Iver, tel: +46 739 81 63 33, email: jakob.tapper@iver.se

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This information was published on 10 August 2020, at 08.30 (CET).