Iver acquires Nogui – a specialist IT company providing container, knowledge-based operations, and cyber security services

3 November 2021 / Press release

Nogui – whose clients are primarily located in the health and medical care sector – is a leading provider of the latest technology and services in private cloud services and knowledge-based application operations. The acquisition specifically strengthens Iver’s offering of modern solutions for the care sector, but also enhances what it can offer operations with particularly strict requirements for application operations, information security, and regulatory compliance.

Nogui’s service offering is based on the latest technology in private cloud services and knowledge-based application operations. The company provides services for government operations who, in turn, provide the services not only for Sweden’s various regions, but also directly for both the individual regions and numerous private IT companies that provide technical platforms for the care sector. Nogui is responsible for the majority of IT systems and a substantial number of e-services used by thousands of care providers and local residents and has, alongside its clients, helped accelerate the digitalisation of the Swedish care sector. Nogui’s IT environments are largely automated, offering excellent opportunities to combine a high level of information security and regulatory compliance with flexible and rapid provision.

The acquisition of Nogui strengthens Iver’s position as the leading provider of digitalisation for companies with high-level requirements for knowledge-based application operations, information security, and regulatory compliance. Iver’s expertise and offering in the areas of programmable infrastructure (IaC) and development-based services are amongst those that will be strengthened, and the acquisition will also see Iver expand its client base in the form of several exciting clients from both the private and public sectors in its priority vertical of care and health services.  

“We were impressed both by Nogui’s ability to provide contractual, modern services for clients in the care and health sector who have stringent information security requirements, and by their in-house expertise. Not only do Iver and Nogui share the ability to provide modern solutions, we also share the same approach to modern service development that helps our clients drive their digital transformation. We are looking forward to Nogui becoming part of Iver and to working hand in hand to help our clients bridge the gap between aspiration and implementation,” says Carl-Magnus Månsson, CEO of Iver.

“I view the merger with Iver as a natural step that will enable us to meet a growing need on the part of our clients. Iver’s in-depth expertise and breadth in the areas of infrastructure such as code, secure operations, and cloud services complement Nogui’s offering,” says Patrik Dahlman, CEO and founder of Nogui.


About Nogui

Nogui is an IT operations provider that provides customised, modern IT operating services for infrastructure and applications as services. The systems we run provide health and care sector e-services for the entire population of Sweden, with millions of log ins every month. We ensure the maximum possible accessibility and security for the services, and that they are available and always updated.


About Iver

Iver is a leading Nordic provider of cloud-based IT-services. With technical expertise and deep understanding of your business, we help you drive digital transformation closing the gap between aspiration and implementation. Iver’s registered office is in Stockholm and we operate mainly throughout the Nordic region, with an agenda to continue our expansion. Iver has a turnover of just over SEK 2.7 billion and approximately 1,400 employees who work at one of our 25 offices around the world. We are not big blue – we are yellow. Large enough to scale and agile enough to innovate. Read more at iver.se.


This information was published 4 November 2021, at 12.00 (CET).


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Patrik Dahlman, CEO, Nogui, Tel: +46 701 455 200

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