High-growth insurance company, Futur Pension, chooses Iver as its new IT operations services provider

6 March 2020 / Press release

The Futur Pension insurance company has chosen Iver as a full-service provider for its IT operations services. The agreement has a 4-year term, with the option of a 3-year extension, and has an estimated full-term value of ca. SEK 30 million.

Futur Pension (formerly known as Danica Pension) has expanded rapidly since its launch in 1999, and is now focusing on strengthening its independent position by making additional investments in the technical development of the platform that has played a key role in Futur Pension’s rapid growth. Futur Pension has been owned since 2018 by the venture capital company, Polaris, in partnership with the German firm, Acathia Capital, who bought the then Danica Pension out from Danske Bank for SEK 2.6 billion.  

“Our focus, during the IT operations services procurement process, was on identifying a supplier who can take turnkey responsibility for our infrastructure and who can help us migrate our services to the cloud. We were also looking for a partner with experience of handling projects for high-growth companies, where the rate of change is high, and who would prioritise us, the customer, when changes need to be made. Security was another important element of the procurement process because our company is subject to supervision by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority,” says Hans Wirsén, CIO at Futur Pension.

“Futur Pension’s technical platform, with its in-house developed insurance system and extensive system development, is absolutely critical to the company’s growth and business. Our experience of providing packaged services for the banking and finance sector, coupled with our cutting edge expertise in system development and DevSecOps, means we can provide optimum support for Futur Pension. And the fact that we have gained yet another customer in the banking and finance sector shows that our offering, with its focus on accessibility, security, and innovation, is attractive,” says Niclas Karlsson, Iver’s Acting Business Area Manager, Information & Cyber Security.

For further information, please contact:
Niclas Karlsson, Acting Business Area Manager, Information & Cyber Security, Iver, tel: +46 70 251 54 81, email: niclas.karlsson@iver.se
Jakob Tapper, Information, Iver, tel: +46 739 81 63 33, email: jakob.tapper@iver.se

About Iver
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This information was published on 6 March 2020 at 09.30 (CET).