Big win for Iver in EKN’s IT procurement process

23 January 2020 / Press release

Iver is proud to announce another big win as part of an IT operating services procurement process – this time by the Swedish export credit system (EKN). The resulting agreement, which will run for three years with an option to extend for up to a total of seven years, has an estimated full-term value of SEK 60 m.

Iver was the successful candidate in EKN’s IT operating services procurement process and has been engaged to provide a full service undertaking for EKN’s IT infrastructure and IT workplace, with a heavy emphasis on combining information security with agile methodologies and a rapid rate of development. EKN’s procurement process – which included drawing up detailed and exhaustive solution descriptions, requiring the supplier to conduct practical tests, and conducting inspections of the various data centres proposed for implementation of the services – was designed to emphasise their extremely stringent requirements when it comes to information security.

EKN is tasked by the government with promoting Swedish exports and Swedish companies’ internationalisation, and fulfils this task by insuring export companies and banks against the risk of non-payment, thereby enabling them to increase the number of export deals that can safely be carried out. Every year, EKN guarantees export deals to around 120 different countries for small companies and large corporate groups alike. EKN was established in 1933 and has a broad network that includes banks, other countries’ EKN equivalents, and other export-promoting organisations. 

“We are, of course, delighted that we have acquired yet another new customer in our Information & Cybersecurity business area. We are constantly working to develop our offering for customers with very rigorous information security requirements, and we believe that we will continue to see strong growth in this business area. EKN is an experienced organisation with a thorough understanding of the prevailing IT climate and the threat scenarios that it might face in terms of their operations and mandate. The takeover project will begin immediately, and we are looking forward to EKN joining the ranks of Iver’s satisfied customers,” says Niclas Karlsson, Acting Business Area Manager for Information & Cybersecurity at Iver.  

For further information, please contact:
Niclas Karlsson, Acting Business Area Manager for Information & Cybersecurity, Iver, tel: +46 70 251 54 81, email:
Jakob Tapper, information, Iver, tel: +46 739 81 63 33, email: 

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This information was published on 23 January 2020, at 08.30 (CET).