Health care

Digitalisation creates massive potential for operations in the care services/health services sector to improve their coordination, enhance their efficiency, and provide a better experience for patients and customers. But large amounts of data and storage of sensitive patient/customer data place considerable demands on your cloud infrastructure, regulatory compliance, and security.

Boost your operations and go all out for digitalisation while keeping track of personal and patient data

We have extensive experience of providing solutions for customers with special requirements for security, data storage, and regulatory compliance. Our in-depth understanding of your operations and requirements mean we can help you solve your toughest existing business challenges and ready you for tomorrow’s.


of operations in the care services and health services sector use some form of cloud service.


of operations in the care services and health services sector are keen to improve their cyber security.


of operations in the care services and health services sector feel that regulatory compliance and data storage pose a challenge.

source: Radar Ecosystem

What can we do for you?

Close the gap between aspiration and implementation

Our dedicated consultancy practice with over 300 digitization and innovation experts helps you maximize the impact of the digital transformation – from strategy, cloud transformation and cyber security, all the way to user experience and data driven innovation.

Secure storage of medical records and patient data

Medical records and patient information are considered to be very sensitive data, which places very strict demands on your processes, processing, and storage. Our security experts work with you to create a solution customised for your operations, and which can handle both internal and external threats.

Digital transformation in cloud services with built-in regulatory compliance

Storing sensitive personal data restricts your options when it comes to using cloud services from global operators outside Europe. Iver’s cloud service offers you a modern solution that is not only jam-packed with innovation, but which also ensures that your data is processed and stored in accordance with the legislative and regulatory requirements that apply to your operations domestically and within the EU.

Modern solutions for digital meetings with patients and customers

Digital customer and patient meetings offer a natural and efficient way of making diagnoses and interacting nowadays. We have all the digital workplace services you need for a well-organized, flexible, and effective working day.

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