Enterprise and Cloud Infrastructure

Work strategically with infrastructure in line with your unique situation

One of the things that distinguishes companies’ cloud and infrastructure environments is the constant challenge they face in consolidating data, hardware, and applications in a way that reduces complexity and increases efficiency – while simultaneously balancing the demands for increased performance, functionality and accessibility.

As a strategic partner, we can help you understand the challenges posed and opportunities offered by your company’s cloud infrastructure environment, and steer your consolidation, migration, and modernisation work efficiently and in line with your unique situation. Whether it’s an on-prem, multi-, hybrid, or public cloud solution, we build security in from the start and ensure high security levels throughout. Our consultants have cutting edge expertise in advanced infrastructure and extensive experience of building, managing, and operating infrastructure for big clients and complex cloud environments.

Expertise and services

  • Advice, architecture, and design

    We can help your organisation create a stable and secure operating environment based on your specific requirements.

  • Scalable enterprise infrastructure, including storage

    With over 15 years’ experience of architecture, operations, and maintenance of enterprise infrastructure, and specialist expertise in cloud services, we are a secure partner.

  • Operating system and virtualisation

    We have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience of Windows, Linux, and Unix, and all the most common virtualisation platforms. We can help you choose your platform, set-up, and operation.

  • Automation

    We can help you automate your entire environment via the Infrastructure as Code concept. We can also guide you through automating your storage environment, whatever the hardware.

  • Cloud services: On-prem, Private, Hybrid and Public

    Cloud and hybrid environments mean increased complexity and consequently, new security challenges. We make sure that your new cloud native applications are run in the securest possible environment with optimal management efficiency.

Main benefits

  • Maximum accessibility

    Technical stability and balance, combined with the services of our experienced experts, ensure secure, reliable operations.

  • High performance

    An optimised infrastructure with no bottlenecks ensures you get maximum value from your investments.

  • Flexibility

    A modern and automated infrastructure offers a rapid response when your needs change.

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