Data driven innovation and insights

Future-proof your operations through data-driven innovation

How should you implement change within your organisation, and how quickly? A rapidly changing competitive landscape demands continuous operational development and improvement.

Add to this the fact that the availability of information has exploded and that modern analytical tools are developing apace – and the potential for growth, enhanced efficiency, and new opportunities is enormous. Many organisations are, however, grappling with the challenge entailed in moving from “idea” and proof of concept" to realising the potential of their internal and external data.

We can help you understand how to create insights from data so that your decisions are fact-based and data-driven. Our specialists can help you make relevant data accessible within a secure, modern infrastructure, so that your organisation can try out new ideas quickly, build value chains, and invest in technology gradually and with low risk. Our cross-functional teams give you customised, experience-based advice and help you with the realisation process, throughout the value chain: from data collection, storage, and analysis to data usage.

Expertise and services

  • Demand-driven strategy and innovation

    Strategy and innovation work, based on data-driven insights.

  • Security and regulatory compliance

    Legislative and regulatory compliance, e.g. GDPR.

  • Infrastructure as code

    Modern data platforms in the cloud, on-prem, and hybrid clouds, with data infrastructure as code.

  • Secure data collection

    Data collection using the right tools and transformation technology (ETL/ELT).

  • Information architecture

    Well thought-out information architecture, storage, and data governance.

  • Data visualisation

    Reporting and visualising data for different data analyses: statistics, machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), business intelligence (BI), graph analysis, including dashboards for users with different skillsets/levels of expertise.

Main benefits

  • Increased benefit realisation and value creation

    Data-driven decisions mean increased efficiency and savings that boost growth.

  • Better decision support

    Access to relevant data generates fact-based support for decision-making.

  • Demand-driven development

    Innovative service and product development based on real needs.

  • Access to expertise

    Access to a cross-functional team that helps you combine your industry expertise and experience with modern infrastructure and analytical tools.

  • Real flexibility

    Flexible project delivery and phased development where we adapt our service provision package as we go, in line with your operations’ and users’ requirements.

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