Cyber Security and Compliance

Reduce your vulnerability to attacks and intrusions

In an ever-changing technical landscape, where technology has become the authentic driving force behind innovation and financial growth, organisations’ exposure to the world – and their vulnerability – have increased.

The rapid rate of change in the digital world means that the threat landscape in which organisations operate is constantly changing. And the increased incidence of cyber criminality, coupled with the ever-greater risk of serious consequences of an attack, mean that the need for proactive cyber security work is now greater than ever.   

Our industry-leading expertise in cyber security means we can help you map your specific organisation’s vulnerabilities. Our consultants can offer both strategic and operational guidance when it comes to building security into everything from infrastructure, applications, and systems to staff training. Our security provision package is an holistic one that helps you reduce the risk of intrusion, protects your assets, and increases your readiness.

Expertise and services

  • Cyber Security Maturity Assessments

  • Security Testing

  • Zero Trust Architecture

  • DevSecOps and Security Code Review

  • Information Security and Risk Management

  • Infrastructure and Network Security

  • Identity and Access Management

  • Security Monitoring and Vulnerability Management

  • Security Culture and Awareness training

Main benefits

  • Protect your operational, client, and employee data against unauthorized access

    Gain an overview of your data and protect it using the latest security measures.

  • Ensuring regulatory compliance

    We can help you meet compliance requirements arising from GDPR and governmental regulations.

  • Retaining client and partner confidence

    Ensure your clients and partners are protected in the event of a security breach.

  • Secure remote working

    Ensure that your staff can work securely from home and on the go.

  • Reduced risk of downtime

    Keep your company up and running, during and after a cyber attack.

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