Focusing on the partnership enables IVO to utilise digitisation’s potential to create reliable services

Client: IVO

Providing reliable, flexible services is critical for IVO. A close partnership between IVO and Iver has enabled the development of a stable basis to meet existing and future requirements. 

IVO is there for healthcare and social services recipients and is tasked with helping ensure, by means of supervision and licensing processes, that the healthcare and social services provided are safe, of a high quality, and conducted in accordance with legislative and other regulations. The Health and Social Care Inspectorate is a government agency responsible for supervising healthcare and social care, healthcare and social care staff, social services and activities in accordance with the Act concerning Support and Service for Persons with Certain Functional Impairments (LSS). 

IVOs operations are increasingly dependent on data analysis, statistics and monitoring. We need to exploit the potential digitisation offers to create reliable services, to develop our information processing, and to enhance our process efficiency. The goal is to simplify and quality assure our interactions with both the general public and care providers. One of the important tasks we gave Iver was creating optimum conditions for this to occur, says Sofia Palmér, IT Director at IVO. 

The challenge  

Iver was asked to establish services around a central platform, in order to meet IVO’s need for an innovative and flexible partner. The entire provision is service-based, which not only simplifies and clarifies responsibility issues, but also creates extra scope for discussing possibilities and shared challenges, rather than historic problems.  


The services 

Iver has a full-service undertaking for IT operations that includes everything from infrastructural services and systems operation to LAN/WAN and local client and printout services. The Service Desk, which is run by Iver, is a core component of the offering, and is, amongst other things, responsible for incident and ticket handling for all external suppliers in the IT sphere.  


The benefits 

Great emphasis is placed on cooperation between IVO and the biggest IT suppliers in order to generate the preconditions for innovation and short lead times for changes. This is done within the framework of an established SIAM (Service Integration and Management) organisation. 

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