Modern infrastructure services and critical systems operation as part of a customer-orientated service solution for Dina Försäkringar

Client: Dina Försäkringar

Dina Försäkringar comprises 6 insurance companies cooperating under the shared Dina Försäkringar brand. Dina Försäkringar has offices in around 45 locations throughout Sweden and a total of approximately 450 employees. The partnership between the companies not only ensures financial stability and product and skill development – it has also resulted in satisfied customers.


In the years in which Dina Försäkringar has been included in the SKI customer satisfaction survey, they have topped, or come a close second, in the Non-Life and Most satisfied car insurance customers classes.  


The challenge 

Iver has been providing IT operations services for Dina Försäkringar since 2011. Iver was commissioned, in conjunction with the third consecutive extension of the agreement, to once again modernise the infrastructure services in order to maintain the availability and security of Dina Försäkringar’s ERP system. 


The solution  

Iver has worked in partnership with Dina Försäkringar to develop an IT platform that lives up to the stringent demands made of a leading Swedish insurance company.   


The services 

Iver provides a georedundant infrastructure platform that incorporates data centre services, capacity services, network services, and critical system operations. Iver has full-service responsibility for the platform’s functionality and availability 24/7/365. The operations undertaking comprises the running of operations systems, databases, and applications.  


The benefits 

Both Dina Försäkringar and Iver are keen to generate high levels of customer satisfaction through proximity to their customers. Combining this approach with a shared view of tomorrow’s IT operations services, creates a close relationship and effective collaboration.

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