My journey and My voice

My Journey 

Iver strives to be in constant movement and development – moving forward, in the right direction. And of course this also applies to our employees. That's why we work with "My Journey" – a continuous process which means that there is a plan for every employee within Iver, both in terms of professional and personal development.

At the beginning of each year, together with your manager, you discuss the desired goals for your development and set up an activity plan to reach the goals. The personal development goals are then put in relation to Iver's business strategy and the customer's needs. Every quarter, together with your manager, you look at progression and status, before you make a summary and an overall assessment at the end of the year.

The goal of "My Journey" is to get a clear connection between the individual's goals and Iver's overall business strategy. In this way, we create the right conditions for each employee to influence their personal and professional development while ensuring relevant competence and capacity for the future.


My voice - make your voice heard

At Iver, all voices are important. We want a workplace where our employees enjoy themselves and where there is room to highlight what is good and report if there is something that is not working. We therefore encourage all employees to be open and share their thoughts, ideas and opinions. As a complement to the daily conversations, we have a quarterly employee survey called "My voice".

Sharing thoughts and opinions provides an opportunity for everyone at Iver to contribute to our common development. Through "My voice", we continuously take the pulse of the organization and the answers give us insights to strengthen and further develop the areas that work well and to improve the areas that not work so well. "My voice" lays the foundation for Iver's work in creating a workplace where we thrive, have a high commitment and strong cohesion.

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