Mari Ahlenius

Group Manager, Karlskrona

The biggest factor attraction in Mari applying for a job at Iver when the Karlskrona office opened in early 2019 was the chance to build something new.

“Initially, it involved practical things, like procuring office fixtures and fittings and creating an attractive workplace, but there were other things too – like building up a brand in a new location, establishing customer contacts, and recruiting members of staff who wanted be involved in building Iver. And to date, it’s been great fun!”

Mari is a network technician at heart, but she’s been working as a Group and Site Manager and in other senior positions, for a number of years now. And in addition to her role as Group Manager, Mari nowadays works with anything and everything that helps Iver and the Karlskrona office grow – everything from SDM with the team’s customers, project management as well as sales, to ensuring a happy working environment and job satisfaction amongst the staff, and much more besides. And her motivation every single day is the chance to work closely with the customer. Every single day.  

Mari, who’s been in the IT sector for almost her entire working life, was impressed by the extent to which Iver focuses on the customer, and says that when Iver says, “We focus on the customer”, they mean every word.

“You build strong relationships through responsiveness, honesty, and transparency. And the opportunity to develop in tandem with customers and colleagues alike is what makes going to work every day such fun,” says Mari.

At Iver, the focus really is on the customer!

The customer team of which Mari is a part comprises ten or so technicians, all of whom work hand in hand with the customer to achieve their shared goal – delivering an IT solution that not only helps the customer today but supports them in their longer-term growth journey.  

We want to really get to know the customer and their needs. That’s the only way we can help the customer identify the perfect solution for them.

If you want to work at an exciting company as part of one of our teams of experts where you will have every chance to play a part and exert influence, then apply to work for Iver! We have an inclusive culture and are a fun group to be around. It’s important to us that working here is a fun experience. Iver’s workforce comprises focused, enquiring, and committed people who are constantly looking to challenge ingrained patterns of thought and who are always interested in meeting new, like-minded people – whether as colleagues or as customers.

So if you’re thinking of changing job – or maybe changing supplier – Mari has a challenge for you:

“Give us a go! Give Iver a go! I promise you won’t be disappointed!”