Cyber Security Incident Response

Get help when you’re under attack! The structured approach of our dedicated team of leading experts enables us to manage and stop ongoing attacks.

When serious security incidents occur, such as ongoing hacking or ransomware, we call in a specialist team whose intensive activities are fully focused on stopping the attack and restoring your IT environment. We take a structured approach, communicating with stakeholders, analysing the course of events, gathering evidence and log data, isolating the threat – and securing and restoring the IT environment. Our experts have extensive experience of particularly serious events as well as working with authorities and large organisations in conjunction with large-scale cyberthreats.  

Main benefits

  • Fast and effective incident management:

    well-defined processes and routines enable our experts to put measures in place to stop ongoing attacks, minimise damage, and secure your data – quickly and effectively.

  • Access to experts with the right experience:

    our experts have extensive experience of handling serious security incidents and can quickly assess the seriousness of the threat and implement the right measures.

  • Reduced downtime and consequences from cyberattacks:

    we can help you restore your IT environment to normal operating conditions as quickly as possible in order to reduce the potential impact of the attack on your company’s finances and brand.

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